About Us

Our Story

  • Megasense, founded in 2021, aims to develop innovative radar sensors with the best CP ratio; we devote ourselves to help people to live in a better and safer environment.
  • Our team started 4D imaging radar sensor development with a leading OEM car maker since 2015 when some tier one companies even questioned if anyone will pay for its additional dimension. Nowadays, after years of development, the 4D imaging radar has become the main stream for autonomous vehicle.
  • The semiconductor ICs were not designed for such a complexed 4D imaging radar so there were a lot of efforts put to integrated discrete components, during the development we have worked with leading radar chip solution companies like Infineon, NXP, TI, ADI… to enable some critical functions inside the chip, for example the phase rotator, the master-slaves architecture…, now with these highly integrated DSP and Transceivers we can use limited antennas (and size) to achieve certain required performance.
  • There are still a lot of field problems that even the latest 4D imaging radar cannot resolve, Megasense deems to listen to our OEM and tier one customers to continuously improve the performance of our radar at affordable price.

Leadership Team

Sloan Hsiao, CEO

  • EE Bachelor, National Chao-Tung University, Taiwan.
  • 20 years in RF design for point to point/multi-point radio links, Wifi/WiMax/4G, 24/77/79GHz Radar; 5 years in plant management and PMC head.
  • 10 Years in radar business development and program management, including projects with leading global OEMs, Autonomous Vehicle companies in Silicon Valley, leading EV company in USA and top 3 tier1s in Japan.

Adrian Wang, COO

  • EE Master, National Chao-Tung University, Taiwan.
  • 20+ years in ASIC, SoC and Networking chip design; architect and designer of world’s first 10-Gbits Ethernet switch IC in Allayer Communication Corp (Acquired by Broadcom in Y2000). Founder of several IC-design startups in Bay Area and Taiwan. GM of LayerWalker Technology, Inc.
  • 10 years of engineering management in factory automation, manufacturing methodologies and mass production flows serving Apple, Google, Cisco, Sony etc.